Cute Design Donut Shape Fast Charging Wireless Charger for for iPhone X, 8/8Plus, S8/S8 Plus, Note 8 & All Qi Wireless Charging Mobiles & Tab

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Chic White
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Product Details

Place and Charge: Simply place down your Qi-enables device equipped with a Qi-compatible case to recharge, free you from plug-in.

Smart Recognition: Equipped with latest WPC Qi FOD function to protect against heat or overload conditions when other metal objects placed on the charger, such as coin, ring, keys, etc.

Fast Charging: It is compatible with all Qi enabled devices. 9V fast charging feature only supports fast charging enabled devices.

Intelligent Match: Depending on the phone whether it supports fast charging or not this wireless charging pad adjusts its voltage automatically, without hurting the machine.

Big Coil Design: Electromagnetic induction design. You just need to put down your phone and charge automatically.

Heat Resistant: Low temperature charging, not burning hot. Avoid heat while charging, you can detect the temperature while charging.

Safety Protection: Intelligent power management technology provides multiple safety protections, such as overcharge, over-current, short-circuit, overpower, electromagnetic field, high temperature, over discharge etc.

Smart Chip: Built-in smart chip, responsive. Can be charging and discharging at the same time, stable and fast.

Slim and Portable: Made of high-quality PC, fireproof ABS which is of slim profile making it lightweight and easy to carry even in your pocket.

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