Qi Standard Fast Wireless Car Charger with Gravity Car Mount Phone Holder for iPhone X, 8/8Plus, S8/S8 Plus, Note 8

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Multi-function Protection for Safe Charge: Intelligent power management technology provides multiple safety protections, such as overcharge, over-current, short-circuit, overpower, electromagnetic field, high temperature, over discharge etc.

Principle of Gravitational Linkage: The support base is driven by the weight of mobile phone. And it has to move vertically.

Easy Installation: It can be easily installed by clamping. Make the clip as deep as possible. Your phone is more stable.

Electromagnetic Induction Design: You just need to put down your phone and then the phone is charged automatically.

It can be used for 10,000 times: The interior structure is upgraded to provide smooth linkages with stuck conditions.

Automatic Locking System: Your phone will be automatically get locked when you place your phone in this car mount.

Place and Play: Simply place down your Qi-enables device equipped with a Qi-compatible case to recharge, free you from plug-in.

Sweet Instructions of Light: The indicator lights up green when charging and turns off when device is out of the wireless charger.

Quality Copper Core Large Coils: Offer uninterrupted power in bumping roads.

High Compatibility: Suitable for most Air Outlets.

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