Compact Size Fast Wireless [10 Watt] Charging Pad with Light for iPhone X, 8/8Plus, S8/S8 Plus, Note 8

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Midnight Black
Chic White

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Product Details

Smart Identification: Starts to recharge device at the moment you place down Qi-enabled device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover. It stops working when temperature exceeds standard temperature.

Safety Protection: Intelligent power management technology provides multiple safety protections, such as overcharge, over current, short-circuit, etc.

Place and Play: Simply place down your Qi-enables device equipped with a Qi-compatible case to recharge, free you from plug-in.

High Efficiency: It is capable of fast charging with upto 80% conversion rate, quickly charge your device without a cord.

Smart Recognition: Equipped with power-efficient mode, it starts discharge when a Qi-enabled device placed on it and it will stop discharge when device is fully charged or in excess temperature.

Bright and Vivid: It is available in different colors for different styles.

Blue Indicator: The indicator lights up blue when charging and turns off when device is out of the wireless charger.

Compact Size: Made of high-quality PC, fireproof ABS and silicone in comact size it is shockproof and temperature-resistant.

10mm Induction Distance: The wireless charging distance is up to 10mm, you can wirelessy charge your Qi-enabled device even with case installed.

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