Nillkin Twinkle Series Rainbow Gradient Reflector Glitter TPU Case for OnePlus 7

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Product Details

High Quality Material: Affixed with high-grade PU leather and blended with reflective glass particles. The surface is woven polyester mesh. Reflective glass particles process makes it twinkling under different light. 

Environment Friendly Case: The frame is environmentally friendly and flexible TPU, PC back shell.

Hybrid Case: Combination of hardness and softness which provides complete all round protection to your phone.

Innovative Processes: Woven polyester net cloth to experience the feeling of skin care.

Shining Lights Dynamic Fashion: The mesh surface incorporates 3M diamond light sensitive high reflection particles, and the hologram gradually changes to illusion, wonderful dream.

Edge Corner All Pack Slow Shock Resistance: Flexible TPU Border installed, which is impact resistant.

Wear Resistance: No Fear of Fingerprints: Polyester net surface, feel cool and comfortable.

Rigid and Gentle, Light and Tough: PC- bottom and TPU border splicing process, smooth transition and double protection.

User Friendly Case: Easy to apply and take off.